Tree Services

Tree Removal Service

Tree Removal Service

If you need a tree removed from your property, Dependable Lawn Care specializes in tree removal in tight, difficult to access urban spaces.

When removing a hazardous tree is necessary, count on our experienced tree care professionals to determine the best course of action and to take every possible safety precaution.

We’ll keep your property safe, haul away all debris, and leave your yard the way we found it when the work is done.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

We trim trees and shrubs not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for ensuring their long term health.

We make careful pruning cuts at the proper place and always use the right techniques for proper tree care.

Keeping your trees properly trimmed is essential to their health. We provide thinning, removal of dead and damaged limbs, crown reduction, clearance from power lines, and the removal of large limbs that overhang in undesirable areas of your property.

Tree pruning and trimming services
Tree Planting Service

Tree Planting Service

We provide tree planting services for a single tree for shade or a full natural privacy fence of trees. We’ll also help with the selection and guidance on the best placement of the tree(s) on your property.

We follow proper planting standards so the tree can access the nutrients its needs and leave you with helpful care instructions. You will need to keep your newly planted tree on a proper watering schedule to reduce stress and encourage root growth.

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