Sod Installation Service

Landscaper installing sod

Sod Installation

If you want a lawn that is ready to go without a lot of maintenance, a sod installation may be the best option for you. You don’t have to wait for the grass to grow, it’s ready to use more quickly, and you won’t be tracking dirt into the house.

A sod installation includes removal of your existing lawn, rocks and debris, leveling and amending the soil, and laying the sod. In some cases, topsoil may be required along with a starter fertilizer.

Most residential installations can be completed in one day. We’ll leave you with sod care instructions to take care of your brand new lawn. Contact us for more information or to get an estimate.

Irrigation System Installation

There is no better time than when we are preparing the yard for sod to install an irrigation system.

Our sprinkler system installations are customized to meet your lawn’s needs. They ensure you have convenient, affordable, effective, and cost-saving solutions for watering your grass and garden beds.

We also install drip irrigation systems which slowly drip water directly to the plant’s roots, reducing water waste and runoff which reduces soil erosion.

Newly laid sod lawn with irrigation system running

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